Our expertise and knowledge of the needs for these events is confirmed by the success we had in organizing,  and operating incentive groups from 50 to 3,000 participants.

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Why Meetings and Incentive trips?

Rewarding sales success is one of the few universally accepted rules for ensuring continued high performance. All top companies offer group travel incentives, and programs are evolving along with shifts in the meetings industry to focus more on unique experiences and wellness.

The benefits go beyond retention.. Testimonials ranged from feeling appreciated and recognized by the company and peers to an increased desire to continue to excel and earn similar rewards in the future.

The shared experience of group travel has been shown to bring people together in powerful ways. Sharing time outside the office opens lines of communication and offers opportunities to have candid discussions about business strategies and mission.

Make the Experience Special

The trend toward incorporating a sense of place in meetings is also becoming a requirement in incentive travel. Immersing participants in local culture, and educating them about customs and traditions of the destination, have become part of the travel itinerary.

A trip to Italy, France, Spain or Greece can embed attendees in the traditions of local residents who lead sightseeing trips, welcome them and forge friendships that last for years.

Design the Adventure for Sharing

In another parallel to the meetings industry, technology has become an integral part of incentive travel. Event apps make it easy to organize activities, share adventures with pictures and posts, and bring people together on a common platform. Since, by definition, travel happens out of the office, mobile apps are a natural organizational tool.

Our samples of MICE venues

Give Personal Praise

Customizing the incentive trip starts with registration. Employers who ask the right questions at this point can zero in on the personalities of attendees so that everything from room-drop gifts to bespoke agendas fit the preferences of each person.

Incentive trips are also an ideal time to schedule time for self-care.

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